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Thyroid Deficiency

- 5 times more frequent in women than men

- 5-10% of treated patients have

persisting symptoms

- Additional hormones often needed

- Individualised treatment essential

Blood test results of thyroid hormone can be misleading

In a subgroup of patients both T4 and T3 treatment may be indicated

Thyroid Disorders



In cases of low thyroid function, the standard treatment is supplementation with T4, a pre-curser hormone for T3, the most active of the thyroid hormones.  In our clinic we treat a subgroup of patients suffering from thyroid gland hormone disorders.  This sub-group of patients report symptoms not satisfactorily regulated by traditional T4 treatment regimens.

The clinician have to take into account that evaluating the success of treatment in a patient based solely on blood levels can be inadequate and, at times, misleading. The effectiveness of treatments such as hormone therapy relies on the effect on cellular activity, which may not necessarily correlate closely with the concentration of the hormone in the bloodstream.  This may pertain especially to thyroid hormone treatment.

A number of treatment alternatives exist which are often ignored by clinicians.  However, patients may benefit from an array of hormone treatments, which may relieve many of the symptoms that persist with T4 treatment alone.


New research (2022) indicates a possible paradigm shift, where the T3 variant could be the first choice in the treatment of hypothyroidism.

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