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Transgender Rights

     -  New official Danish Guidelines 

- Little change from previous

- Confusing messages prevail

Reassuring news on the long-term treatment of transgender individuals:

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A 2011 study concludes that in female-to-male transgender´s use of testosterone in doses used for hypogonadal men seemed safe.  The study of 365 FTM transsexuals had a median follow up of 18,5 years

(Ref: Asscheman H et al.  European Journal of Endocrinology (2011))

In 2015 a large review study again confirms the relative safety of long term treatment of adult transgender individuals

(Ref: Weinand BS et al. J Clin. & Translational Endocrin (2015))

Transgender Treatment in Denmark

Transgender rights evolving

(August, 2018)


CCC has more than 20 years of experience treating transgender individuals. Prior to 2018 the Danish Health Authority allowed only one state institution, Sexologisk Klinik, the right to determine whether a transgender individual should be permitted to receive treatment.


Following two highly critical reports from Amnesty International, the position of the Danish Health Authority towards transgender individuals has undergone much needed reform.

In its report, Amnesty International identified as a significant issue the Health Authority´s lack of respect for the transgender individual´s right to autonomy and his or her right to choose treatment. 

In the fall of 2017, the Danish Health Authority published a new set of guidelines; revised again in August, 2018.  The up-dated guidelines include modest improvements.  We were pleased that the new guidelines adopted some of CCC´s protocols; these include, for example, the use of formal written "Informed Consent" documentation from patients.


There is little change yet from previous directives regarding the right of the individual to self-determination of gender identity.


However, there is a sincere concern for the welfare of transgender individuals and we are anticipating clarifications that should enable people to more freely seek treatment from medical professionals of their own choosing, under clear protocols.

CCC takes pride in the way we treat transgender clients and stand by our practices, which are based on careful patient screening and thorough scientific knowledge of hormone treatment and includes strict, long-term follow-up of patients.  Feedback from patients and civil rights groups confirm that our clinical practice is sound and fulfils the complex needs of transgender individuals.

Due to the current restrictions determined by the National Danish Health Authority, CCC is not at present accepting new transgender patients

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